Treating balance disorders

Vertidiag is a biotechnology company specializing in balance and vestibular disorders.

Vertidiag develops proprietary solutions against these conditions and also offers its technological platform for contract research activities.

Vertidiag is one of the leaders in the fight against vertigo.

Balance disorders are a public health issue


Vestibular disorders account for 2,7% of all medical consultations for people over 60 years old.

155 millions

About 155 millions people in Europe and the US have a dysfunctional vestibular system, including vertigo.


Vestibular disorders account for 1% of all cases in A&E departments.

Why Vertidiag ?

No effective and well-tolerated treatment for vertigo is currently available on the market.

Thanks to its unique assets, Vertidiag is one of the leader in innovation against vestibular pathologies.