VE-101 : Vertidiag develops a pharmalogical treatment for vertigo

Blocking a family of specific ion channels involved in the modulation of neuronal excitability is a promising therapeutic pathway in the treatment of vestibular disorders. 

Recent pharmacological studies have shown that one of these specific blockers, compound VE-101, produces a significant antivertiginous effect, illustrated by an attenuation of the vertiginous crisis accompanied by a faster restoration of postural balance, dynamic equilibrium function and gaze stabilization in a feline (Tighilet et al., 2019) and rat (article in preparation) model of acute unilateral peripheral vestibulopathy.

Although the effect of VE-101 at the central and peripheral level has been known for a long time, its therapeutic interest is more recent. Its biodisponibility and its margin of safety will need to be evaluated. Meanwhile, Vertidiag will also look for other molecules that interact with these same receptors and can be repositioned.